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    Hi TG,

    In January I upgraded from a 360 to an XB1 playing BF4. When on my 360 I rarely had connection issues with BF4 but now that I am on XB1 I have had nothing but problems. I get kicked from servers frequently and the error message “you have lost connection to the EA servers” appears on my screen, and that’s when I can actually get into a game as I frequently can’t join, with the above error message coming up when I try to. I will sometimes be on the home screen and it will say I’ve lost internet connection and when I go into the network setting it says the ethernet cable isn’t plugged in which it is. I have swapped the console for a new one, restored factory settings to my modem, uninstalled and reinstalled my profile, port forwarding etc etc. I have tried everything and I still have the same problems even with a new console. My network stats are fine for gaming (15 mbps DL, 1 mbps UL, 190 ms ping, 0% packet loss) and I don’t have connection issues with my laptop or iPhone. For some reason it’s only been the XB1 that has the problem. Any and all help is greatly appreciated so I can start training again now that I’m back in Oz.



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