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    After watercooling my TitanX I did some overclocking and benchmarking.

    I noted in a BF4 thread that a GTX 980Ti owner had achieved a Firestrike score of 20,000+, whereas best I could do was 17,000+, before overclock became unstable.

    I am thinking that the results are determined by one’s monitor resolution, eg I have 2560×1440, whereas the GTX 980Ti owner may have 1920×1080.

    Anyone know if this is a correct hypothesis, or do I just have an average TitanX?

    I know using 3Dmark11, that the “Performance” test uses a resolution of 1280×720, with the “Extreme” test using 1920×1080, but Firestrike and others do not seem to specify the resolution, so I assume it runs in the monitor’s native resolution.



    you need to look at graphics score not overall score, The motherboard, CPU and RAM all play part in the score as well. Even the graphics score. I found my 2 x r9 290 performed better switching from z77 to z170 board but I did go to a I7 over my old I5. I am talking purely graphics score and FPS not physics as you would expect it to be higher with a better CPU and RAM.

    The guy could be running a I7 extreme and have 10 cores and 20 threads so a 4core 8 thread CPU will have no way of competing with it haha. As I say more go off the graphics score but this is not a solid bit of info as it still is affected by all the other hardware slightly as well .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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