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    Higher end systems should be able to comfortably run the game at pretty high framerates, although the more open areas might be affected by some serious microstuttering issues. As a workaround the VSync setting should be enabled and the frame limiter setting should also be set to at least 60 FPS. On lower end systems or while playing at a higher resolution the shadow quality, antialiasing and the motion blur should all be lowered in order to ensure a smoother experience.

    There are some minor gameplay issues, one of these being related to the quick time events, which appear when the player is being grappled by a zombie, if such prompts fail to appear quickly mash the A and D, or Q and E keys, along with the Left Mouse and Right Mouse buttons in order to get past this issue. Whenever an enemy was attacked with a melee wepon, the game would pause itself for a few milliseconds, this could possibly be by design however.

    Overall this is a solid release with a few minor issues, although the video settings could include a few more advanced tweaks but otherwise there aren’t any other issues with the game. Performance wise there shouldn’t be any major problems.
    PC Report Dead Rising Capcom Optimized Video Settings

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