Bunch of Problems switching from rxtools/emunand to arm9loaderhax, please help

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    So idk what I was thinking when I started the way I did, but i figured I’d be able to eventually restore my sys/emuNAND and restart.

    I had an o3ds with 9.2.0u sysNAND and rxtools with one of the more recent firmwares on emuNAND with the latest gateway version. Since I couldn’t play pokemon sun in physical cart form this way, I decided to go to arm9loaderhax and luma, but I made some grave errors.

    After doing the 2.1.0 crttransfer, I rebooted my 3DS. I have no way into the homebrew launcher that I’m aware of.
    However, I have a Sky3DS (blue button, not +), and figured I could find a cart with an update to 10.x and I could downgrade back to 9.2.0u and start from there as I know what to do in terms of the old methods and my own backups.

    Problem is, the diskwriter/templates for sky3ds don’t want to write ANY of the roms that have an update for 10.1.0u. it says there’s no resource data on them yet and I can’t figure out where to go from here. If I could just get a way to access homebrew and get back to 9.2.0u, I wouldn’t need any help, but I can’t get past step 1.

    Please, does anyone know what I can do to fix this pickle? I found tutorials on how to transfer over emuNAND during the arm9loaderhax switchover, but I didn’t think about losing all of my save data… I backed it up using the save data homebrew tool and the ones I could are backed up onto my nintendo account. I don’t want to lose years of pokemon save data x.x…

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