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    I bought a retail Pokemon Sun and it keeps displaying “Game Cart Removed” message whenever I launch it. I tried with other carts and they work. Could the cart I got be busted? or is this an issue with EMUNAND updated to 11.2?

    EDIT: I tried my cart with another 3ds and its working. This might be an issue with RX Tools. Can someone shae a way to install another CFW on a 2ds?



    What cfw r you using?



    Im on 11.2 with Emunand and RX Tools



    I would recommend changing your CFW to Luma using this guide – https://plailect.github.io/Guide/ (this is what i used to hack my 3ds from stock),
    its constantly updated and the safest option these days (rxtools is dead son). After that see how you go, I can confirm my retail cart works on Luma CFW on 11.2



    Your pokemon sun retail cart is fine. I read that rxtools firm doesn’t meet the requirement to play the cart. Like what galaxywhy says get Luma using the guide. Rxtools is old and dead.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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