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    Ladies and Gentlemen, of CoD Div, PS4 Brig.
    We know that many of our members feel they have more to contribute to their Squad and Battalion, and are eager to show us. We would like those who are interested in advancing within the CoC to take the following steps:

    Talk with your CoC about where you see yourself going in TG. (If you are a SM, this means talking to your SS. Current SS should talk to the XO or CO.) Ask if there are any specific areas that you can improve on, either in game or on the forums.

    Volunteer to be a Fire Team Leader during practice. Practice assigning roles/kits to different members of your FT, keeping them working together during the match, and regrouping when necessary. In-game leadership is one of the most important requirements for Squad Staff, and developing it takes work. Ask your CoC and squad mates for tips and feedback.

    When you feel you are ready, send a PM to your CoC, letting them know what position you feel you are ready for, and why you feel you are ready. They will forward it up their CoC.

    Lastly, be patient. There’s no telling when your chance will come, so don’t just sit around waiting for it. Volunteer in other ways, make friends in the community, and keep working on your skills. Showing your commitment to your current position is the best way to prove you will be committed to the next one. :salute:

    Please be aware that posting here is only intended for those to express an interest in a Squad Staff position. Posting here does not automatically entitle you for a Squad Staff role nor prioritize you.

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