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    I have recently purchased hardware for adding a 2nd SATA drive to my Latitude E6520 (Drive Caddy). The SSD that I utilized in said caddy was a drive I built out of 2 mSata drives using a SYBA Dual mSata adapter/enclosure. Wonderful tool, my laptop recognizes it and is partitioned as dynamic disk! However, I’ve recently installed an updated version of Intel Rapid Storage driver that boasts an Option ROM for many different RAID configurations. This is not the case. I cannot configure my drives for RAID 0 from the BIOS, the post-BIOS Option Rom, the Intel Rapid Storage control panel, or even from windows Disk Manager (Striped Volumes). It seems only RAID MIRROR (Backup) can be utilized. I NEED HELP! I’ve come to warez looking for assistance as warez has always been my go to community for windows modifications or programs to assist thereof (also for musical interface expansion)

    Updated Dell BIOS
    Updated Dell Drivers
    Installed latest Intel Rapid Storage Tech.
    Updated Intel Drivers.
    Formatted drives
    Converted drives to Dynamic
    Attempted to set up striping config through Disk Manager, Intel RST, and Intel Option ROM
    Attempted to enable RAID 0 (striping) from EFI Boot prompt, which proved nil due to the EFI tool downloaded being for another type of BIOS (Cannot find EFI Boot tool for Dell Latitude E6520)

    The only thing I havent tried is force-configuring with CMD, as I have formatted my SSD’s enough and I dont want to spoil the only way I have to further my research for a solution yet again.

    ANY help or tips would be appreciated; programs, batch files, backdoor methods, anything would be appreciated..




    Are they the same SSD’s or are they different? There are some inconsistencies between SSD’s that will render them incompatible when working together in a RAID 0 configuration. These inconsistencies will not be relevant when working in RAID 1 or similar. Different TRIM routines etc.



    Yes they are different, as stated in my post i actually built the second from a couple of mSata’s and a nifty little adapter kit Smile what if they are both samsung ssd’s? I have 2 but one is a PM801 and the other is a M800 (or something like that) same size though!

    Worth a try with same brands? Thanks for the response by the way!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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