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    Hey all, I’ve had A9LH/CFW on my 3DS for over a year but I haven’t visited this site until now, so I’m strangely unfamiliar with much of the ROM customization discussed here. I’ve been wanting to get into Fire Emblem so I came here to grab the Special Edition, but there seem to be many different versions of the game available due to poor censorship/botched translations on Treehouse’s part. From what I hear, the English localization is absolutely terrible and also removed some content, such as the skinship mechanic (and associated dialogue/animations/sounds?) and the ability to purchase swimsuits and wear them freely (although I’m still not sure whether they were removed from bathhouse scenes.) I’m rather obsessive when it comes to these things, so I’d really appreciate it someone could give me a more specific rundown on these and any other localization discrepancies.

    Also, is there any “best” source for an Eng-translated and fully-DLCed version of If SE available? The Serenesforest translation seems to be the most prominent one out there but it’s still a WIP, and since If is (correct me if I’m wrong) the Japanese release of Fates, this means that a portion of the game will remain completely unreadable. If this is the case, is it then possible to patch Fates with If’s fantranslation, undub/DLC it, and just leave the untranslated content to Treehouse? Of course, doing this would effectively exclude the “restoration” content, which is still being compiled in a separate patch, right? If I wanted to manually patch a copy of the game myself, how would I go about doing so?

    There’re also other patches to enable some kind of amiibo content and relocalize the dialogue of some of the most significantly-distorted child characters. Are these good to have as well?

    Last question: if I really wanted to, I could install both If and Fates SE on the same machine since they use different title IDs, correct? Would their respective DLC/custom patches/updates interfere with each other?

    I sincerely apologize for the wall of text; as I said before, I’m somewhat obsessive when it comes to understanding things like these.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    0) Yeah the US localization censored things ( I still really hate them for that lolz)(SJWs and their crap just saying) which included swimsuits censoring, some suits got removed, the Amie (touching mini game part) removed, a couple of dialogues in the game change/remove , removal of a scene when you recruit a certain character, localized translation is crap, oh yea NO JAPANESE DUB Voices (sorry a big thing for me). A team at Serene Forest did a content restoration for the US version of the game Fire Emblem Fates. They manage to restore swimsuits, undub voices, their WIP translation (version 3.0) , and other miscellaneous things. They however were unable to restore the Amie mini game. A lot of time has pass and no update on the Amie so I think it is dead. So right now I am just waiting for the translation to play on the Japanese Version of the game. You can use their translation and restoration patch together however the Amie mini game won’t be there since they haven’t found a way to restore it.

    0.5) Lol just doing this to prevent a big clog of text. For the amibo stuff it is up to you if you want other characters from other fire emblem games in your play through. I would say use them in your playthrough but going online with them is at your own risk. Installing the Jap and English Fire emblem fates game won’t overwrite each other same for the dlc (unless you use the region free version)

    1) I would say the only source I know is the translation at Serene Forest. A team at Serene Forest did a translation but there was no update for a long time and was a version 3.0. The previous team is dead. However another team at Serene Forest picked up the translation which is at version 4.0 as of now. I don’t know if they are going to do the dlc. If they don’t then I will just play the english dlc.
    (Current Progress Breakdown(12-7-2016)) (Version 4.0)
    All story chapters (Hoshido, Nohr, Invisible Kingdom) at 100%
    Skinship lines for every character at 100%
    First-generation supports (excluding children) by gender:
    Female/female supports at 100%
    Male/female supports at 55%
    Male/male supports at 37%

    Second-generation supports at 4%.
    My Castle and misc. lines at 45%

    Ima get some sleep tired as F (worked third shift) Ima come back if you need help patching the stuff

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