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    So I’ve used this guide to downgrade and install CFW. Currently running 9.2

    After installing pokemon sun/moon I can play the game as long as I do not shut down the software after initially opening it, if I do the game crashes and reboots. Unfortunately I accidentally opening the QR scanner and it crashed and closed the program. I made a backup of the save before attempting to reinstall. I have to recreate a save to import my previous one but I have to close the software to do this.

    How do I upgrade the firmware without loosing CFW? Thanks.



    Did you setup arm9 loader with luma3ds? If you did then it is safe to update with sysnand to the latest version as now with arm9hax makes cfw perm on your 3ds (meaning you won’t lose it if you update to the lastest firmware) . If you are paranoid then I would setup emunand and use luma3ds to boot to emunand and keep sysnand on 9.2. Then update the emunand to the lastest firmware.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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