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    Hello everyone.

    About a year back I got a really beat up O3DS for $20. I had to personally replace the speakers, the top display, as well as the cracked glass that holds the entire top assembly in place. After doing so, I had a fully working 3DS. I only really wanted it to play the Pokemon games on it so I was pretty satisfied.

    Just last month I learned that installing CFW was possible and installing Luma3DS + A9LH was a piece of cake. During the entire process, I was inserting and removing my SD card from the console and to the PC and vice versa. I had to deal with the “SD card is Write-Protected” Popup a few times, but a quick re-insert made it go away. Ever since, the issue has gotten a lot worse, to the point where I was unsuccessful in getting the console to read from the SD card at all. I know a lot of SD Slots have a little, very thin and fragile pin inside that lets the device know if the card is locked or not, and my guess is that this is what’s causing the issue. I got a little frustrated, and used a thin piece of clear tape and placed it over the locking tab on the card itself, and unsurprisingly enough this tricked the console into accepting the card.

    However, this proved to be a short-term solution, and once again I’m being bombarded by this issue. I looked up a replacement slot online, and while not expensive, it will take a LOT of time to reach me (40 days+), and its been removed from a used console. I don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting over a month to get the replacement part, which may not even work or be OEM. Is there anything I can do to perhaps fix this permanently without having to replace the slot entirely?

    Perhaps some of you know of a little hardmod or something I could do? I’m no stranger to working with electronics, since its my “job” after all, but I’ve yet to work on a 3DS, much less an SD card slot.

    Another thing: Sun can’t use the outer cameras for some reason. It gets stuck while trying to launch them. Faceraiders can’t take a picture due to a black screen, but as soon as it starts the cameras display whatever they are pointing towards. However, Pokemon OR-AS can both scan QR codes just fine, and I can also calibrate them on the Settings menu as well. The Camera app has a black top-screen and as soon as I tap to switch to the inner camera, the app freezes. What could be causing this issue?

    Thanks for any and all assistance!



    Tbh I think it is more of a hardware issue than a software issue. You might have to replace them unfortunately. I suggest just get a new one but it is up to you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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