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    I use a ASUS dsl-ac68u modem router. I run my XBox One on 5Ghz wireless. All has been good up until recently when I swapped onto the NBN. I reset my modem router to factory, made appropriate changes and all seemed fine; 80+ download with 30+ upload. PC humming along.

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    I start to hear the kids in the background complaining about the XBox One no longer downloading, updating and netflix not working. I run a diagnostic on the XBox network settings and my download is 0.8 or less with a 8 Mbs up. My ASUS settings for wireless are identical to that which they were before NBN. All other wireless devices work fine and download at speed. I plug the cable in and the download diagnostic on the XBox is 80+ Mbs and all works. ASUS running latest firmware visually checked against the ASUS support site.

    There is one different setting that I am aware. My modem router now runs IPv6 where as the XBox states it connects at IPv4. From what I’m reading this shouldn’t make any difference. The XBox selection of IPv4 or IPv6 is automatic.

    This has me screwed. For the life of me, I cannot find any other setting that is different. The Modem Router and the XBox are about 4 metres apart in the same room. Yes, I know. Why not use the cable permanently? Think 1850 miners cottage, solid walls, door in between, crawling through ceilings, etc. Last cables I ran involved angle grinders, embedded wires, rendering … headaches. Anyhow, cable doesn’t answer my wireless connection. Dr GOOGLE, Youtube, forums and XBox support are coming up a blank for my specific situation.

    So any hints?



    Has there been a limit for wireless devices set on modem?

    Try a different channel.

    I use a mobile app called wifi analyzer, very niffity little tool.

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