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    Who is excited for this game? I have loved the first, beaten it around 6 times. Its fun to challenge yourself too, beaten it twice without upgrading anything or killing anyone so adds a nice challenge. The second game is supposed to be more rewarding to players who play that way. One of the developers said that for Dishonored 2, you will have to play through it twice to fully understand the story. So I assume beating it as Emily and Corvo. So that is exciting too I will have a legit reason to play it more than once. Only four more days until Corvo returns!



    I actually didn’t play through the first game, but I did watch a video let’s play of it, and I was very into it, I’m looking forward to the second instalment and what they have to offer, I’m hopping I can grab it and have a try at it



    I have Dishonored on my PS3 but I’ve never played it.

    I saw all the gameplay for Dishonored 2 and absolutely loved what I saw. How different is Dishonored 2 from the first one?



    the main thing they added was more powers so it offers more ways to play. I like how they brought back Corvo, you play in Corvo’s hometown and other areas I believe. New enemies and stuff like that I’m not sure about everything they’ve added but hopefully it will be as good or better than the first! I definitely recommend playing the first one so you understand who they are and where they come from.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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