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    TOG crew,

    My trading addiction has left me with a few spare keys that I have in my inventory (200 at this stage) that I have been selling off to a few people, so I thought I would post a thread on here seeing as though TOG’ers have a ‘case opening addiction’. So instead of you guys/girls spending $2.49 per key, buy through me at $2.00 each! It’s like buy 4 get one free at this rate!

    If you haven’t got me on steam already, my username is “| CRObiceps” (can confirm, biceps are in fact huge) feel free to add me to discuss. I might also be willing to sell my knifes and skins that I have if anyone spots something they’re interested in as well.

    I have been receiving the money via bank deposit and am more then happy to provide any details you require full name, email, phone number to call me, sell through eBay, whatever it is that makes you happy. I’m not a random and have many members that can vouch for me as trustworthy and known me for years, so i can assure you I am not going to rip you off for a few dollars worth of keys. I am located in Gold Coast and work in Brisbane for anyone that’s local and wants to meet.

    I have recently started my own business, hence wanting to drain out as much coin from this game as possible (total inventory is around $2.5k).

    Any questions – fire away

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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