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    Default CIA Download fail
    I was trying to download the pokemon moon cia from Billy and I get this message

    Failed to install CIA file
    Result code 0xDBE0806A
    Level Permanent (27)
    summary Invalid argument (7)
    Module AM (32)
    Desc Cert signature or hash check failed (106)

    I also try to download from freestore and I get to 99.9% and then I get this

    Failed to finalize content:0xDBE 08025

    Can anyone explain what I need to do to be able to use this system and download games on it? I just recently got it from a friend and I haven’t been able to get him to explain it all to me



    What cia installer are you using?



    The apps on the system are The homebrew launcher. guessing a cartridge to sd app, CIAngel, A rocket ship with NTR on it, lumias picture, FBI, and freestore.
    As for what software version they are I could not tell you since I don’t know where to find that information at. I just recently got it Wednesday night and was messing around with it for a bit and cant seem to figure it out with what little information he gave me when I got the system from him

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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