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    The story:
    I haven’t paid any attention to my 3ds in a long time. With the new LoZ coming out I dusted it off and checked out the mod scene again. It looks like some great progress has been made so I wanted to try to get back to a lower firmware. I have a nand dump from a while ago (4.5 I think), and basic soldering skills. Let’s do this.

    I take off the back plate, remove the battery, and take out all of the case screws. Except one. Nintendo tightened this one to about 800 ft/lbs, which resulted in me rounding off the head of the screw. A minor setback — with haste I turn to my drill press and gently drill out the screw, taking a small amount of plastic with it. I should have stopped here.

    Everything comes apart with relative ease. My soldering skills are, however, not what they used to be. Those contact points are effing tiny. I could not get anything to stick to the pcb. Once I thought I successfully soldered the CLK wire but the mere act of me leaning in to inspect it seemed enough to jar it loose.

    An hour later I give up. I’ll just put it all back and live with 9.5. It all goes back together fairly well. Except the ribbon cable clamp for the lower screen snapped off. I held it down with two tiny screwdrivers and hot glued it in place. More on this later. Everything else goes back in except the drilled out screw. At this point I’m tired, I’m missing the Eagle’s game, and I’m just ready to sell the damn thing and move on.

    So what I have is a mostly functional O3DS running 9.5. The touch screen no longer registers touches. It still works as a screen. The ribbon cable that I had trouble with is the narrow one that attaches to the center of the board, perhaps this is the cable that controls touch? I don’t know. It could probably still work with a little more work put into holding it down tight while glueing it.
    The case isn’t completely squeezed shut where the missing screw is in the corner, but I can grab a new screw at my True Value store and fix that. Everything else is actually pretty great.

    The BAD:
    Touch part of the touch screen doesn’t work. Possibly wonky corner screw situation (pretty minor tbh).

    The GOOD:
    Screens are in great shape. No major scratches, a few incredibly light scratches that are completely unnoticeable when the screens are on. Case is in good cosmetic shape. Everything works except as noted. I also have a nand dump from a while ago (like I said, I’m 90% sure its 4.5, but definitely before 9.2 so it can be used for cfw). If you buy this I’ll send you a google drive link to it. We’ll compare MD5s before I erase it on my end.

    Any interest in buying this thing? I have no idea what they are worth in any condition, so I’m relying ton the community to help me out here. I’ll post pics if anyone wants, its dangerously close to my bedtime.

    What you’ll get:
    A copy of my NAND dump

    What you WONT get:
    Any guarantee of operability
    Anything not listed above

    This is in the USA, btw. I’d prefer not to ship to other countries.

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