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    I hacked my n3ds a few months ago, and just recently I wanted to add another GBA game to it. I know that I’m supposed to install it to both emunand and sysnand for it to work. The problem I’m having is that I installed on emunand (using FBI launcher) but I can’t seem to install it on sysnand. Last time I did it (I can’t recall exactly how but I think), I installed it through the HBL launcher using FBI, but at the moment I can’t seem to get HBL to launch, using the yellows QR code.

    Can anyone help or suggest a solution? I’m using Reinand btw, it may or may not be updated since I just started using my 3ds after a couple months, but I don’t think that should affect it since it installed perfectly on the emunand. Also, I’m aware that I could probably use an emulator, but I’d prefer using the DS’s native launcher.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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