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    Default Graphics card for VR
    So I want to do this VR thing. Particularly for racing.

    But apparently my poor old 6970 just isn’t up to the job despite being able to run battlefield 1 (I get a message saying it can’t, but it does anyway)

    I am looking at the 1060 or 1070

    Is there really much benefit in me going to the 1070 at something like 50% more cost?

    My current card does me fine, so only really looking for how much benefit in VR.



    The 1060 will do it fine, any 10’s will, going higher just means you get to crank graphics settings up more ( not resolution ). I just saw an article saying that the 1080’s just had a price drop and quick search shows them going for around 800-900 AUD on average which is better than the 1200 a few months ago.

    Could even look at getting a cheap 980 titian.

    Stay away from AMD atm for anything VR until they work out all their bugs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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