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    I searched but didn’t see the answer anywhere (but may have missed it), so I’ll ask here:

    I realize the XBox One hasn’t been hacked yet to the point where we can use the ISO files posted , but I’d like to start creating my own ISO files in case they are someday able to be used. What special hardware/software are folks using to create the ISO files? I’d guess a drive capable of reading BluRay DVDs and something similar to XBox Backup Creator. Thanks



    i would imagine it’s either just a PC bluray drive using imgburn to make a regular iso, or you’d use a xbox one drive, hooked up to a PC with a x360usb pro v2 (which can rip 360 games with stock dvd fw, no 0800 required). of course not sure if you could use xbox backup creator, or would just have to use imgburn for that. also who knows if those images will ever be usable. or if they will require patching or even re-ripping, but i guess it can’t hurt to start an archive now.



    For now, the only method is to use a BD Drive, personally i used a Pioneer BDR-208D… i showed people how to do it years ago… [ LS Exclusive ] Tuto : dump of an Xbox One game by Swizzy

    The iso most likely is pretty useless tho as it probably don’t contain any of the security sectors (i bet they have security sectors on the disk similar to what the had on Xbox 360)



    my guess is an offline-only glitch chip mod will come before anything that allows burned disc to boot, or perhaps an ODE. in either of those cases a regular iso may work, but who knows until something is announced.



    well they got it running dos now, lol. so maybe soon!

    DosBox running on Xbox One | Team Xecuter

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