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    As mentioned, computer games have a lot of options. Users can tweak anti-aliasing, turn on anisotropic filtering, enable high dynamic range lighting and enable tessellation. Many games even have multiple choices under each setting.

    This customization is appreciated, but it creates a problem for the user. Ideally a game should be set to the highest detail possible without compromising framerates, but how can you determine what the proper settings might be? There’s no way to do so without sitting down and spending an hour with FRAPS to change settings one-by-one. Most people don’t have the patience for that.
    How To Benchmark & Troubleshoot Game Performance Using Fraps
    How To Benchmark & Troubleshoot Game Performance Using Fraps

    NVidia GeForce Experience solves this problem by importing settings directly to your games from Nvidia’s database. After installing the software you can open the “Games” tab and scan for games installed on your computer. Once this is complete, the games found will appear, and you’ll be able to see the current settings that you selected. With a click of the “optimize” button, the software will automatically import settings that provide the best performance/detail compromise for your particular Nvidia video card, and those settings will take effect the next time you launch the game.

    This is such a great improvement that I’m honestly a bit bewildered that no one thought of this approach before. However, the tool’s auto-detect feature does not work perfectly, so you may need to manually select games before you can optimize them. The list of supported titles is small, too, so most games that aren’t a recent AAA release can’t be optimized (yet).

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