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    So, i have heard that super mario maker will use nintendo network (NNID) to use online features.

    This can be a problem for some CFW users, because, I downloaded the leaked Pokemon Sun/Moon from 4Chan, and sadly, i got banned from nintendo servers.
    I bypassed the Online Play Ban, but i cant bypass the Nintendo servers Ban (Probably permanent).

    I love Super Mario Maker, But one of the principal things of this game is the Online Play, and if the game use NNID, i will get kicked out from the servers.

    So what do you think about this?



    Where did you heard that? Super Mario Maker requiring a NNID? lol, read the manual if you installed the CIA.



    For example, for leaving a star or a comment, you need your miiverse account. And miiverse is on nintendo servers



    where did you hear there was online play last i knew it was cut from the game along with the mushrooms that change you to other nintendo characters



    i dont have any games that ask for nnid to play online, and for miiverse you dont sign into the nnid servers to use it. i have all nintendo servers blocked from my modem and miiverse still works for me, why because its on a separate network ! i smell click bait this guy is 100% lying






    smilebasic is technically a app not a game and mario maker servers is not linked to nintendo network at all if that was the case i wouldnt have access to the mario maker wiiu versions online cause my router is blocking all nintedo servers. and all the 3ds version is going to do is just snatch levels from the wiiu version i dont think this will have stars or coins to earn no mystery shrooms, its just a barebone mario maker with no real online features. so i call this click bait

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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