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    To remedy these technical errors in the game Mafia 3, you need to install the patch fix.

    Also do not forget that in order to run the game requires a 64-bit version of Windows, if you have x32 – the game is likely, the game will not start. We should not exclude also that some game file has been damaged or removed during installation – check the integrity of the cache on Steam or reinstall the game, as described above.

    Creepy brakes

    If you have watched carefully system requirements and ensure that your computer is fully consistent with them, the brakes in the game may be associated with the old version of the drivers for your video card. Install the latest version – it will significantly increase the FPS in the game. If you are using a Nvidia video card, you can optimize the game in the GeForce Experience. If you have another card, you can lower the graphics settings yourself by watching the number of frames per second. Sometimes one setting may significantly affect the FPS. You can also check the workload of your computer in Task Manager. Close any third-party software that may affect the resource consumption of the system.

    Mafia 3 Crashes to the desktop

    The game could fly completely different reasons. If crashes happen all the time at the same moment, try to reduce the time schedule to a minimum, and when it will pass this stage, increase it. Also, the game can take off due to some programs that are running simultaneously. During the game, better close the browser, editing, antivirus, video editor, etc.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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