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    Hi everyone.

    So i love my NBA games and so i thought i’ll post a topic about it seeings as i couldn’t find one about the newest title :).

    So this game is on PC, Xbox and PlayStation so i thought the people who play this game can have a place to come to and discuss about it.

    Well below i’ll leave a little template people can use if they like :).

    Console: Xbox

    IGN: Tc x BLliiTZz

    Position 1: Point Guard

    Position 2: Shooting Guard

    Additional Information: I Support the Golden State Warriors IRL and as for my play style i prefer isolation and to try and use screens with one or two ankle breakers. I do play basketball in really life as well playing as a point guard and a small forward thou seeing as being 5’10/11 doesn’t suite many roles. :).

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