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    Im using O3DS with Gateway 11.2U , US version,not converted or anything, try to install those PKM Moon CIA RF since this morning, took me 6 attempt through FBI,DevMenu,BigBlueMenu (all is in the main screen, unwrap) and they all report error, CIA invalid,LEVEL PERMANENT,etc if anyone needs more details , ill post pictures here with my latest try on FBI.

    I have pokemon Y, AS,Mystery Dungeon, Kirby, Super mario CIA(legit or non-legit) install before using these same program (FBI,DevMenu,etc) and i just try to install a random RF CIA game a few moments ago for testing purpose, its go extremely well.
    The most ridiculous thing is i have finish install the pokemon Sun, but its a fake one and only show a crappy video, which freeze my 3ds after finish watching, i delete it, install the Moon one, and its got all kind of error in this world.

    And i have already test my Kingston 32GB SDHC card to see if its fake or corrupt,try h2wtest, copy sth random onto it to see if the space are real, and plus the fact i can install other CIA file,card false beside the one that i wanted most: Pokemon Moon,its not my SDHC

    Re-downloaded the Pokemon Moon CIA from all sort of links, triple check with my friends, it the exact same file weight, but his game work and i dont (though he using CFW, but last time i check Gateway is almost the same as CFW).
    I heard reports that lot of ppl are having the same problem as me, so if anyone got any idea what is going on, please help me! I really appreciate your time!

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