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    Glossy vs. Matte Monitors: Which Should You Choose When Buying a Display?

    Is there a massive difference in quality between LED Matte and LED Glossy? (I’m aware that glossy screens reflect light a lot more)
    i am a Gamer, so i want to know which is better for me ? Smile



    That is the last thing you look at.
    I would go for refresh rate first.



    My preference is a 50 inch LCD TV…
    As long as you dont go for 4k ones and stick to 1080p its so much better price wise and in general sitting back with 50 inch TV over a 30 inch monitor…



    I think it was something like glossy will give you better picture, but matte will be better for your eyes (less reflection of other light)
    But yeah, you should be looking at things like screen size, refresh rate, g-sync/freesync, etc… before you look at glossy/matte, cause it generally matters less

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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