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    Hi All

    Its been a long time since ive even owned a pc for gaming (yes very sad as I was one of the original TOGers) Anyway I have been play PS4 for years but feel Im missing out on full content games like Ark Survive which I have been playing and others.

    So what do I need in a new PC? Im thinking a laptop would be better as I dont really have a space for a desktop. Will this do the job and will I still enjoy it as much as I use to build my own back in the BF1942 days lol

    If so best screen size with out getting to big? Dose anyone else us a laptop and are they happy?

    I guess start with these basic questions then we can go to recommendations



    Take a look at the latest APC: they have an article on the latest gaming laptops

    The bigger the screen, the heavier the lappy.
    The faster the processor, the shorter the battery life.



    Starting to lean towards desktop again after talking to a few people can’t seem to make up my mind.
    Thanks for the info still looking for advise from people if they use a laptop for gaming and what they think of it.



    You can get away with a desktop replacement – calling any gaming laptop a “laptop” is a bit of a joke IMHO, they should be called LapOvens, or TesticleCookers.

    If you’re looking to prioritise space over function, I’d probably push you towards a micro-atx build (it’s possible.. The Ridiculously Powerful MicroATX PC – TechSpot).

    My cons for any gaming laptop are, (coming from aged experience here – it’s been quite a while since I owned a portable beast);
    * You still want an external KB/Mouse – Laptop keyboards are about as ergonomic as a jackhammer, (not to mention the temperatures during a solid gaming session) & Trackpads just plain suck for gaming.
    * You’ll probably still want a monitor – Unless you’re looking at a 17″ + laptop, the screen size will be an issue when it comes to detail in FPS games.
    * Cooling will be an issue whenever you push the thing to 100%. It’ll either get hot, loud, or both.
    * You’ll be unlikely to ever game away from your primary power source anyway, due to all the above.

    The only benefit I felt I gained was when it came to LAN time (big or small), not having to cart all my junk with me was awesome+++

    I know, not quite what you were looking for, but that’s my experience

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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