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    What wil be your pick for are new Next Gen consoles? For me I’m keeping my Ps4, dont want the pro, not that big of a difference unless you want the VR then it is a must have or you will lag bad, but only 4k streaming, they are handing this war over to MS. I sold my ONE before the S came out, will be Buying the Scorpio for sure as it is a powerhouse of 4k gaming on par with pc atm. Of course pc will be updatable and blow it away in 2yrs time. Thats what we need, an upgradable Console from Sony and MS as this time they both have screwed us over by throwing up out of date consoles and bringing in New next gen ones next year. Any ways tell me guys/gals keeping your PS4 or going Pro? Console war maybe, changing sides to the Scorpio? What will it be for you? Me my current PS4 and Scorpio and my trusty Alienware.



    I don’t have any of the newer consoles even though I could buy one right now using Amazon. I just don’t really have much interest in the games that comes out it’s really hard to find a game that I consider to be good.

    Nine times out of ten the game will either be terrible or average and I don’t want to make another mistake like I did with the Vita I sold it right back to Amazon. I have a gaming pc that I don’t really use for pc games that much it’s mainly for emulators.

    I don’t care for VR. All of the games that comes out I have no interest in. Maybe way later until we can get real VR. I mean going inside the game like they do in the anime like Yu-Gi-Oh!.

    About the 4k gaming hype it’s not really going to be true 4k for the most part a 1440p game on pc could easily blow the Scorpio out of the water. If you play on tv and you are not close to it or it’s smaller the difference is minimum you probably won’t even notice it.

    HDR is going to make a bigger difference. Some of the games will be 4k but it will probably either be indies, upscaled games, subpar 4k 30 fps and removing/lowering some of the effects like lightning.



    Thanks for replying, loved the info you shared. Agree niether the PS4 0r ONE has put out a game i like, i mean a few are ok, but no Great game yet. I will grab the Scorpio i think if I see some AAA games launching, and thats going to be hard as Xbox doesnt have anything I want thats exclusive…No more Fable, so idk…Ps4 is getting the ones my kids like, so i will probably wait awhile as of right now myself, I’m not impressed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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