No Man's Sky and its undeserved hype

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    No Man’s Sky and its undeserved hype
    The game is massive in scale and there are many planets to explore. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives come to a screeching halt. You do 3 things in No Man’s Sky, collect resources, travel and fight an enemy or enemies here and there. Rinse and repeat over and over and over again. Also, the game is barren when it comes to forms of life with the exception of animals and creatures here and there. On top of that, the PC version runs like ~ Censored ~ which is to say that it stinks. It may be as wide as a massive ocean when it comes to its scale and size. However, when it comes to its content its as deep as a small puddle of water. Much like a bad hangover, this game is a forgettable experience. No Man’s Sky has simply been overhyped for the past 2 years. The trailer pretty much showed everything that the title had to offer which is to say very little. Its boring, repetitive and lacks any real content. It is a shame because it could’ve been an amazing experience. No Man’s Sky got shitted on because it was mostly undeserved hype. That’s why you can’t always believe what you see in a trailer. The problem with No Man’s Sky is that people were making it look like the greatest game since Super Mario Bros. on the NES or the original Legend of Zelda. Who cares if there are a quintillion planets to explore when then planets themselves are uninteresting. The Mass Effect games don’t even a quarter of the planets that No Man’s Sky has. However, they are far more interesting, have a decent variety when it comes to enemy types, they are actually fun to explore and not to mention the many NPC’s that you can communicate with. Uncharted 4 got hyped but it was deservedly so. Remedy Entertainment and even Phil Spencer praised Naughty Dog on what they accomplished with Uncharted 4. The Order 1886 definitely had its issues but at least it had few positives going for it. No Man’s Sky on the other hand, has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Its going to go down in history as one of the worst games ever made as well as the most over hyped game ever.



    Well im usually easily pleased with explorer type games, but i agree that no mans sky is not much fun.
    I played it on the pc for about 7 or 8 new planets & then ditched it out of frustration & boredom.
    The pc version is pus



    what do you mean?

    NMS did rather poorly with reviewers.

    NMS isn’t a terrible game, it’s just not worth the price they decided to charge for it.

    It was an indie game with an indie budget hyped up to be a AAA game.

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