NVIDIA drivers won't reinstall

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    A couple nights ago, I installed and played the Battlefield 1 free 10 hours of trial. I have a Gigabyte GTX 1070 and wasn’t happy with the overall performance of it on both the BF1 Trial/Beta, and BF4.

    So attempting to be a hero (because i’m not computer savvy) after doing some internet research, I decided to wipe all my NVIDIA drivers and start over. I went to control panel and began manually uninstalling them (yes, dumbass, i know). I did not use DDU like the entire internet suggested.
    I deleted 4 drivers/programs under control panel:

    -PhysX System Software
    -3D Vision Controller Driver
    -NVIDIA HD Audio driver
    -GeForce Experience (latest version)

    *****main graphics driver (373.06) is still installed and Battlefield 4 runs exactly how it did prior to my mistakes. No problems except for the previous fps and stuttering issues, which aren’t important at the moment. But with the release of Battlefield 1 Monday evening, I’m assuming there with be another driver update not far behind it. At this point, nothing will reinstall.

    NVIDIA Installer fails, and GeForce Experience installation fails as well. NVIDIA control panel is gone as well.

    So in attempt to correct my first mistake, I downloaded DDU.

    When i attempt to run DDU, it tells me I have a pending reboot and it cannot run. I’ve rebooted 20+ since the first initial attempt.

    I’ve spoken with LIVE chat from NVIDIA and it really didn’t get me anywhere. I can post the transcript if needed.

    I’m at a complete loss on how to fix this.

    I’m begging anyone, please please please help me. I also posted this on the NVIDIA forums

    Thank you for reading and in advance, replying.


    gameslopedy.com fixer

    Try to manually download and install your nvidia driver

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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