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    hi guys, this has been asked thousands of times and answered more.
    my console (at least 8 yr old)laser was playing up games refusing to load others taking an age etc, so did pot tweak it was 7.44 so dropped to 5 now get open tray, get a clunk then hear it spin for a second then open tray.
    its a benQ drive i had a bricked liteon (the original drive) which wasnt that old, so swapped lasers that read 6.5 so dropped to 5.5 and still open tray(with same noises) now the clunk is possibly the disc spinner and magnet sticking together to much so swapped the magnets over but still same.
    ps: i had the magnet problem a while a go but that only stopped the tray opening and solved it with the tissue paper glue method.

    so any help appreciated, just hoped to sort it without going out and buying a new drive.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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