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    My ps4 is stuck in a loop. Every time is switch on the ps4 it shows the ps logo restarts and takes me to a screen where I have to reinstall the software 2.03 and newer.

    I have tried everything. to go into safe mode and reinstall software, update software, database rebuild(that restarts ps4 back into loop) restore default, I think there is 7 options I tried them all.

    I took out the hard drive and format it in my pc reinstalled software and still it goes back into the loop.

    Is there someone that maybe has the same problem and know how to fix this?

    I need help



    i have same problem…i tried everything to, but after restart the ps4 continue in loop



    best thing to do guys imo is call up sony and sign up your ps4. They will then give you 3 months warranty for free and then in an hour or so after or wait a couple days, call em and they will replace your ps4 after (I remember this worked for ps3 idk if their policies changed) or if you have a receipt, take it to the shop you purchased it from

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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