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    I couldn’t find any cleared saves for the demo in my searches, so I grabbed the SDK Config tool to play with the RTC and made one myself. Exported with JKSM, so pretty much just unzip, drop “Pokémon_Sun_&_Moon_Sp__Demo” into the /JKSV/Saves folder on your (micro)SD card, and you’re good to go. Save is named “CLEAR_ALLEVTS”.

    Save created and dumped using a US n3DS running Luma3DS on a 11.2-35U Sysnand – I forget if the demo was region-free, so ymmv on other regions.

    This save has all events triggered and all items unlocked, meaning you can transfer the following to the full game:
    Ash Greninja
    Star Piece
    Stardust x 3
    Pretty Wing x 10
    Balm Mushroom
    Comet Shard

    Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!f5F01a4R!D0eTZBG21dHqUqTxyR_b3qKvIWhJukqbWtG-QSMyEkU

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