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    Email me at: [email protected] (this is not a paypal address!)

    Other Stock (will send proof of destruction of the carts – 5 left!)
    – Penguins of Madagascar – CTR BPGE (x1)
    – Steel Diver – CTR ASDE (x2)

    Need proof?:…each_delivery/

    About Me: I’m a registered user over at, and have been buying and selling over there for a while. I have a good reputation over there – take a look. astrangeone | -> The Independent Video Game Community

    About the Games: I do DSiWare downgrades for people and also enable cfw on 3DSes. These games were a collection I amassed as a bunch of tools. They all can be used for entering the Homebrew Launcher/Channel. They are never used to go online, but only to access tools/files on the sd card. These were bought brand new!

    About the Private Headers: I will send the header as a .bin file. These are dumped with Hourglass9. I’d also keep a record of the games I sold private headers to, but I will not destroy them as I still use them to install CFW on 3DSes. The private headers are region free!

    Prices: $12 USD for one. Limit one per customer/forum user. Clients buy via paypal.

    Why is it so expensive? Canada’s money is pretty devalued. All of these were bought full price!

    Delivery Time: Fast turnaround. I’m usually near my computer, so I will get that private header to you within 5 to 10 minutes of payment.

    Shoot me an email at [email protected] (<– this is not a paypal address!) The notification system here is…well, bad.



    Updated with new price! $12 USD for one.






    Of course. These are from my own personal collection and they are not used to play online – just for accessing homebrew on 3DSes

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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