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    Me: Update your website so everyone knows you are working on an update. You will stop getting emails, and would let everyone know you all are working on it. I wouldn’t want you guys getting a lot of hate mail. Good luck on the update, we are very thankful for your hard work!

    Them: We do need several days to work on the new firmware, and will keep our site updated if any news. Please be more patient, thanks!

    I am really hoping this was not a bot, and they *probably* gave us a rough ETA on the release of the firmware, fingers crossed. I have been in touch with Modchipsdirect, letting them know about the situation (So their customers don’t get mad about the new AP check) and they have updated the description on Sky+, and will let me know if anything significant pops up (Sky will most likely be sending them updates before us since they are one of the major resellers). I will continue to work on my own custom firmware for the Sky3DS+ either until they release an official update, or I am stuck at a dead end. I will keep you all updated.



    That seems like a unique answer to your question. Haven’t seen it yet.
    Good idea contacting retailers. That will keep the pressure on sky3ds team and help keep the public informed.
    Not being able to play pokemon sun and moon is a big deal to a lot of people and they deserve to know, especially prospective buyers.

    edit: seems modchipsdirect has already acted on your email. Good on them., sky3ds+ page:
    “Currently the SKY3DS+ does not work with AP2.0 file which was introducted in November 17th onwards. The Sky3ds said are working on an update to try to combat this. ModChipsDirect are not affiliated with the team and are just resellers, We can give no guarantees as to how long this will take and if it is even possible.”



    lets see if we even get an Update



    2016 and still got people using that piece of shit



    ever thought people dont want to stay on 9.2 to use a flash card ? gate way doesnt work with the latest sysnand only sky3ds does so your opinions are your opinions no need to shit talk because your a gateway lover m8



    Choose to use a sky3d+ is mainly for casual usage,keep it in mind.
    Or becouse we have on hand a un-downgraddable FW



    I send them an email as well this morning. They answer was that they will release soon as possible.




    Looks like we are getting different responses now. That’s good, we can probably expect an update by Sunday.



    Kids are spoiled with this generation.
    In the DS era, you had cart AP on at least 25% of all games and especially nintendo ones. You had to wait for patches to play stuff.



    Is more about “false advertising”, they promise that the cart was updatable and you only needed to buy one for all the games. If they can’t solve thr new AP check then people will be mad about it… the card looses its purpose…



    Even if they can’t update it, for what it does it’s still a good flash cart for those that are on latest firmware and are afraid to downgrade or don’t want to.

    Myslef am not really into pokemon that much, so if they do it or not ok, but in case Super Mario maker has the same AP, I’ll buy the real one 100% on release and not 2nd hand.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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