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    This method is optimized to make the most out of your games, every game you play you will earn an average of 90k – 150k experience without having double xp enabled!

    I have put a lot of detail in to this post so that you fully understand how boosting works in Advanced Warfare

    To be able to do this method you will need 2 controllers and a mic to communicate with

    It is very easy to earn this xp, firstly we will start with class setup:

    Weapon: any preferred weapon of your choice
    Secondary Weapon: Stinger M7 (essential to earn lots of xp!)
    Perk 1: any, does not matter
    Perk 2: Blind eye
    Perk 3: Hardline (essential to earn lots of xp!)
    Scorestreak 1: UAV (no upgrades)
    Scorestreak 2: Aerial Recon Drone (no upgrades)
    Scorestreak 3: Remote Turret ( no upgrades)
    Exo Ability and Exo Launcher are not necessary

    Once you have your class setup you can start to boost!

    Here’s how you host a boosting lobby:

    1: Have 6 people with 2 controllers and a mic in your party

    2: Have 3 people in one lobby with their second accounts logged in

    3: Have the leader of the lobby search for a Search & Destroy game on classic playlists (classic playlists so that you have a less likely chance of random people joining your game) and have one person from the lobby invite the party to the game as soon as you start to search for a game

    4: Once everyone is in the lobby (can take a few attempts to get everyone in the lobby without random people joining) you can finally start to boost

    Here’s how you actually boost to earn that amazing xp:

    Firstly there’s ‘formation’, because the new COD has 11 rounds now instead of 7 in Search & Destroy, we have to adjust how we boost. The formation is 4, 4, 3 which may sound a little confusing but it will make sense soon.

    1 person from each team will go for 4 rounds, the next 2 people will go for the next 4 founds then the last 2 people will go for 3 rounds, the last 2 people who only got 3 rounds will go first in the next game, the first group to go will go second and the second group will go last so that everyone gets equal amounts of rounds.

    Once you have sorted out who is going when, you can start to boost,

    The first group will run to each-others spawns (making sure to pick up the bomb) and they will kill everyone in the spawn with the Stinger M7, be sure to stand quite far back as the blast radius on the stinger is huge, the reason why we use the stinger is because you can kill all 5 enemy very fast which will give you the Frenzy medal (kill 5 people in quick succession), which in turn grants you a lot of experience points!

    After you do this on the first round you will or should earn all your killstreaks, both of you will go to the bomb (A or B) and deploy your Remote Turret, call in your UAV and deploy The Recon Drone, you then want to destroy the remote turret and the recon drone quickly and re-deploy any killstreaks that you may end up getting again, with the use of hardline you can obtain multiple turrets and recon drones in a single round, but make sure that you save a recon drone for the next round, i will explain why you need this soon.

    Once you have done that you can plant the bomb and let the other person defuse it, after he defuses it you need to kill him quickly (head-shot is the best) for more xp.

    For the next round you want to do this again but with a slight difference, before you kill the enemy team you want to spawn the recon drone that you kept from the last round, you will use this to tag the enemy which gives you more xp before you kill them, once you tag them you can hold X to destroy the recon drone so that you don’t waste time. You can then kill the enemy team with the stinger once you have tagged them all.

    Like i mentioned before, you do this method for 4 rounds per group apart from the last group who only get 3 rounds, after doing this method for a few games you will start to get the hang of it and it will become second nature to what you are doing, you can complete a game normally within 10-15 mins and get an average of 90-150 k experience points which is amazing!

    Please remember that boosting can get you reset or banned from Advanced Warfare, so be cautious with how you boost, i normally boost for a few hours then play legit for a few hours, that way it looks like i’m not boosting all my levels and hope that i don’t get reset or banned.

    Hope this post helps those out who don’t know how to boost and hopefully after reading this post you will understand how it all works

    Infected Guide
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    Need a party of 6 with 2 controllers..

    Join an infected lobby..

    Spawn in your guest account straight away and wait til the infected countdown has gone down til you spawn in your main..


    Bring your guest account to your main, plant your tactical insertion with your guest, kill it and repeat..

    Every 2 minutes someone has to kill off their main to extend the time (decide who within the party and rotate who goes when each game)

    Help each other out so if you’re first to be killed off take your guest over to another player for extra kills, for them to return the favour in a later game

    can potentially get 40+ kills being the first to die and 120+ being last to die, all to 0 or 1 death tops! You win every game so this method gets you plenty of xp, is great for kd, win/loss and score!

    (note: this is only a rough quick guide on what to do, might be missing some steps or some steps may be wrong but at the moment this has worked for me.)

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