Unhappy Physical Pokemon Moon card won't load on emuNAND?

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    Unhappy Physical Pokemon Moon card won’t load on emuNAND?
    So I know Pokemon has changed the way save data works on their game card. But it is still possible to back up the save data and and import it. I had the leaked version so instead of re doing the whole story I was just gonna put my save data from the leaked version on to the physical game card of moon. However, that was not a easy task. First off savedatafiler kept saying “ctr broken” which was strange to me but whatever there are other work arounds. I got the .CIA for the homebrew launcher, since I have a save data program on that. And I got that up and working. I backed up my save from my downloaded version just fine, hell even imported it. But once I tired to get into my physical moon copy it wouldn’t even get to the menu to export/import save data. So I thought that was weird. Then I thought maybe it’s cause I haven’t even started a file yet on the game so I went to go try that. But when I tired to load up the game it said that the game card had been taken out as soon as I launch up the Physical copy. I tried about 4 times but it kept saying that it was taken out and that I need to go to the home menu or turn off the system (btw pressing the home button launches me back to my sysNAND and almost made me update > I would have been livid..) Every other physical game card I have works on my emuNAND. Super Smash Bros 3ds, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Y, Monster Hunter 4, Monster Hunter Generations, and even all my old DS games, all fine and dandy on my emuNAND. And the game card for Pokemon Moon works fine on my other 3ds and my other 2ds (Btw it is a 2ds that is having this problem. I forget which one my friend has and it’s 3am as I write this so can’t ask now) My friend is having the same problems I am and it’s not killing us or anything since we can gen on the downloaded versions then just trade the genned pokes over. But I would like to cut out the trading if possible and was above all else wondering if anyone else was having this problem? I will be out of town for the day do to thanksgiving but will be back on the 25th so I’ll reply/see what you fine people have to say then. Until that time discuss away <3



    I heard it does that for pokemon sun and moon physical copies if you use rxtools cfw. Using the cia version is fine. I recommend changing your cfw to arm9 loader hax and using luma3ds since it is being updated frequently. Rxtools is old and dead. There is plailect guide out there to set it up.

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