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    Hi guys

    please help. I have some older games… 2002 – 2010 stuff, busy playing with my nephew… we have AOE installed on both computers. But its not taking any more games… they just hang or if they are installed they dont start. Ive been on google the whole afternoon trying different fixes and patches but nothing is working.

    Anyone here have any ideas?




    There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. The games simply werent designed that way. Your trying to install games going back 14 years before the OS is released? That just won’t work, the same way the opposite won’t work. Trying to install games that only work on win 10 (if there are any), won’t work on XP either. I’ve got a couple Need for speed’s myself that won’t install because they’re too old (2002-2004). Think the earliest version i got to run was 2007 or 2010 i’d have to look it up. Your only option is to install them into a VM on 10, but you won’t get the best performance.

    The games are just too old.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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