5 Ways to Improve Your PC Game Performance

As we are playing games via our PC, we should always have latest tech systems to play games smoothly. So, it’s not sufficient by only having a great physical system. You must also setup good configuration.

So, what are the 5 main techniques to have great game experience? 

1-) Always play with your preferred graphics card:

You can configure your preferred graphic card by; right click on your desktop > Go to Graphics Card Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > and choose your Nvidia or AMD Card.

2-) Do not Run Any Application While Gaming:

Turn off all of the applications including Antivirus , System Trays, Sound trays, Utorrent, IDM etc. when your game is running…

3-) Set Your Game in High Priority by Task Manager:

Set your game application to “High Priority” by Task Manager. (While its running)

4-) Reduce Your Game Graphics Quality

You can set your game graphics to low and also decrease your screen resolution; this will improve your game performance.

5-) Do Disk Defrag, Cleaning and Anti-virus shield with up-to-date drivers and software’s.


*Always update your graphics processor drivers.

Additionally you can do disk defragment, spyware and adware cleaning, removing unwanted programs from taskbar and uninstall unnecessary softwares. Also your pc must be virus-free. All softwares, drivers including graphics are up-to-date….

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