Best Fix For Fallout 4 Black Screen of Death

This Article Hidden Content Contains Best Fix For Fallout 4 Black Screen of Death and changing the Language to English:

Download En strings and replace
Rename video files to En

**** MAIN TIPS ****

Want the launcher in en?

Open steam_api and change language from russian to english

Also it will not run fullscreen on mine,
In the launcher change it to windowed mode and Woohoo!

**** Hope that helps. ****


D:\Games\Fallout 4\Data\Video change Intro_ru.bk2==>Intro_en.bk2 Game will working fine


1-Download the English strings
2-Paste the strings in Data>Strings folder in the game's directory
3-Open Data>Video folder and rename all the files with the string "RU" to "EN".
4-Go to the game's main folder, open "Fallout4_Default" and change sLanguage from "ru" to "en".
5-Open "steam_api" in the game's folder and set Language to "english"
6-Open the launcher and click Play, the game should launch and work fine now without the need to change it to Windowed mode.


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