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Hello, this is my first tutorial on so here is that I'd like to help Rocket League gamers to find out the ways of fixing some issues and on the other hand I will give how to's about this game functions.

So first of all I want to say %90 of the computer (pc) games are everytime problematic. Its not like Xbox or PS but pc games are often sucks. But every errors have their fix methods. All you can do is sometimes wait for a patch and sometimes wait for somebody have fixed.

Now I'm crossing the Rocket League Game Fixes:


Fix "Not Logged in Rocket League Servers " and " Not Connected to Steam Servers"  Errors on Rocket League:




This tutorial shows that how to fix connection problems when you want to play online...

  • Open your Control Panel
  • Open Internet Settings
  • Go to Privacy tab and decrease cursor to low degree
  • Go to Advanced tab and make it to turn back to default settings
  • Open Rocket League Game. Then you can play it.


If you are banned from Rocket League ? How to Backup /Turn Back?



Watch the video and you can find the way how to do it. Its all about making some change on txt files located at game folder.


How to Make " Rocket League " Game Run Faster ?



Note: Sorry for the video issue , I must have been open the game window in a tab not a full screen in order to get graphics of the game. But I will re-make a new video about this.


In order to run PC Games faster you can do somethings with your graphic processor. The first thing is " Changing your preferred card to a decent one"

  • Go to desktop and right click then choose NVIDIA /AMD Control Panel
  • Go to Settings and then choose the preferred card to NVIDIA or AMD (Dont choose Integrated Card)
  • Also reduce your Graphic Settings to a lower ones.
  • Update your Graphic Drivers.
  • Set your Game Running priority to a "high" by Task Manager.
  • Close all other programs when your game is running.

I hope the all above generic instructions is sufficient to get high speed performance.


How to Change Your Name on " Rocket League " Game?




This is for changing your name its all about registry editor and you can do it yourself by simply watching the video.

Note: The registry keys must be different from above video.


So, thats all I know currently about "Rocket League" game . If you have any other issues please let us know.

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