Fallout 4 – English Language Patch

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Download English Language Patch and english strings for Fallout 4 from this article:


Note: Change above file from .txt to .torrent so it will work.


1) Go to main installation folder -> Data -> Strings -> Drop files here
2) Change in main folder "Fallout4_Default.ini" the line "sLanguage=ru" to "sLanguage=en"
3) Go to user -> - my documents -> games -> fallout4 -> change the same line to "en" in "Fallout4.ini"

READ: There is a small bug where hitting play leads to a freeze. You need to create the character in Russian, the game will immediately auto save when you get into the game. THEN switch to EN, and hit continue.
You can just skip the first character creation, because later on in the game (10 mins) you get asked if you want to apply some changes to your appearance, which is then in English.

Also, to avoid black screen intro issues, be sure to change any files in Video folder from "...RU" to "...EN"

Example: Intro_ru.bk2 -> Intro_en.bk2



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