Fix Chrome Error on Might & Magic Heroes Online launch

The following fix is for Might & Magic Heroes Online game on Google Chrome/Flash player plugin error message at launch.

You can fix the issue “the hard” way by following the steps:

  1. Make sure the game is not running
  2. Go into the “Might & Magic Heroes Online” game folder.
  3. Create a folder “plugins”.
  4. Copy the file “pepflashplayer.dll” from your Google Chrome into this new folder.
  5. Edit the file “package.json in your “Might & Magic Heroes Online” game folder and change the path to the plugin to:
  6. If there is no path: please add the following to the list of “chromium-args”:
    –ppapi-flash-path=’plugins\\pepflashplayer.dll’ –ppapi-flash-version=

We hope that helps you for your fresh start playing the game!

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