Gears of War 4 Game [Review] Pros & Cons

Hello everyone,

As you know Gears of War 4 is out. We are here to post our review and thoughts about it just in case anyone is iffy on buying it.



-Movement is fixed and fluent, Judgement changed the controls and ruined it.

-Gameplay is nice at 60 fps and on dedicated servers.

-Single Player alone is worth the $60 to me, the story is fantastic. If you are a big gears fan this is adding on to the great story.

-Guns are pretty well balanced Id say. People run around gnashers blasting, same as any old gears.

-The new weapons are pretty cool.

-Lots of skins to unlock for your guns and characters.

-Classic maps returning. Season Pass holders get 2 Gears 3 remastered maps. Gridlock is on this game by default so that's a cool throwback.

-Executions are BRUTAL! Every gun has a really cool execution for you to do. New knife executions also in the game that look awesome. 9 knife ones I believe.

-Cross play between Xbox and PC! The whole game!

-Good amount of game modes, some new of course. Dodgeball, Warzone, Execution, KOTH, etc. Most old but dodge is new I believe.



-Very rarely and I mean rarely do I get timed out. Maybe 1 game every few days so not too bad. You can hop in another game right after and be okay.

-For multiplayer there are not a ton of maps, there are enough for me to stay entertained though.



Overall I can not complain about this game. I love it and it is way better than Judgement was. I got a code off Ebay for $45 so I got a good deal. If anyone decides to pick it up let me know and we can play! This is a big game though! About 75GB.


I play this maxed out at 60 frames and runs perfect. Smooth as butter so optimized very well!

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