How long Do Xbox One Game Keys Valid


I want to buy Assassins creed Untiy for Xbox Onefrom a site which e-mails me the key so I can digitally download it.
I don't have a Xbox One now, but I'm going to buy it in july. How long are those keys valid?
It's cheap now.

I also want to buy Xbox Live gold 1 year membership. Is it the same with this one?


Not to hijack the thread but I bought a 1 year Live membership card 3-4 years ago and its been collecting dust. Really had no need for it on the 360 since most online games I play are either on the pc or Ipad. Usually just play offline games on consoles and literally haven't played a console game in nearly 2 years (mostly pc and Ipad now).

Heck I haven't even opened my PS4 yet or Bloodborne and they have been sitting here a month collecting dust. anyway. Hopefully the Live card will work when I do get an XboxOne. Im in no hurry though as you can tell. I have so many high end franchise console games on the PS3 and 360 I want to play but never get around to it.

Last of Us ....which I also have for the PS4 since it came with it. The Uncharted franchise.God of War Little Big Planet The Last Batman, the last Assassins Creed. I got bored with the AC franchise when they went switched to the pirate ship and Colonial era. Enjoyed the amazing graphics of the old Roman and Middle Eastern cities ....the graphics they put into them and amazing detail. Along with many other high end games on both consoles.

Part of it is from my back problems. Gaming always messes with my back bad so I find my Ipad easier on me,I guess the other part is maybe I'm getting a little of tired of gaming after 40+ years of it. 45 years old now. Had the first black and white tv tennis/soccer game yellow console where all you had was two switches on the console you pushed up and down to hit a square whit ball back and forth, Atari 2600 and most every console since.



Exactly what scrappy said.
Buy the code and enter it into using your profile.. or make a new one if needed and the game will be sitting waiting for you when you buy the console... obviously dont do the 12 month tho as it will start straight away... unless you want to start it to download the free games using as well and have them waiting too.



I know Xbox live membership codes don't expire so I would guess game codes are the same.

Anyway, you can sign into with the gamer tag you plan to use when you get an x1 and redeem the code there. The game will be ready to download when you get a Xbox one.


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