How to Change PC Game Languages Indirectly to English?

Most of the times computer games comes with different languages like russian, chinese etc. If you play games by simply downloading you will usually encounter this kind of issues.

There are some ways on how to change it indirectly (by using the game files like .ini , .reg etc.).

In this tutorial we have chosen Company of Heroes 2 game for changing its Russian language into English, you can also do this simple method into the other games.


  1. Right click on your game shortcut and go into Properties.
  2. Then find the location of files.
  3. Go and find out codex.ini file.
  4. Type “russian” into search box and find it.
  5. Then change it to “english”

Note: These issues are usually happens if you download those games by download sites.

You can now use your game with English language.

You can also look at our in-depth video tutorial, it requires premium membership:


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