How to Fix “ADDOLIST BOUND ERROR” on Dungeon Lords Steam Edition

Includes Comprehensive Fix Tutorials for HOTFIX – DEEP6: ADDOLIST BOUND ERROR
Fixed: Faulty vertex compare to exclude bad tris during collision detection, which could result in errant coordinate calculations and fatal olist bound errors. Additionally modified the olist code so that a boundary error is no longer fatal, the object will not be inserted into world object list (which may have other consequences depending upon context), the game will display only a warning (may be brief), and it is recommended to save your game if this occurs.
  • You can try to completely delete the game and re-download.
  • You can try to delete your config.dat in your Dungeon Lords directory (\STEAM\SteamApps\common\Dungeon Lords) – if it still fails send us your debug.log file. Thanks!


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