How to Fix Crash on Tharsis Game Start

This is the tutorial for the startup crash fix on Tharsis PC Game:

(This article also includes detailed notes for how to fix the game loading crash)

*FIX:* My computers graphics settings weren't recognising the game propperly and had selected my integrated graphics to take care of it.

I went to my Nvidia control pannel and added the game manually and selected my GPU as the desired graphical processor.

You should check your GPU settings for this game and make sure it's not trying to run integrated.

Let me know if it works for you.



This is after some research into the said error message in the output_log.txt located in the Tharsis Steam-folder.

Encountered this before where the list was populated in the wrong order (DX11 first, then DX9) and it caused the crashing, whereas populating in the opposite order allowed to run on all and also utilize best DX option available.



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