How to Fix Error on Echoes Of Aetheria Game Startup

If you get this error: “Script ‘Win32API’ line 305: RuntimeError occured.
GetProcAddress: PhysicalToLogicalPoint or PhysicalToLogicalPointA” when you try to start Echoes Of Aetheria Game, follow these steps:

  • Note: A patch for this issue is in the works (it is indeed an interaction with Windows XP).
  • If you are using the Steam version, try “verify integrity of game cache” (right click, properties, local files, verify integrity of game cache)


  1. Are you able to do anything to the game window when it is frozen? I’m trying to determine if it is an internal freeze (the program looping where it shouldn’t) or a hard freeze (buttons dont work, mouse doesnt work, you get “program not responding” if you try to exit). From what you said about the in game mouse cursor being frozen and having a partial black screen, it sounds like a hard freeze. Are you able to get it to work under any of the windowed modes if you are using fullscreen? Had you not already installed I’d be looking there – a crash like that in the same place every time (sound like right when the slash animation is loaded before it is displayed on the enemy) could be indicative of a corrupted graphics file.


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