How to Fix Football Manager 2017 Startup Crashes [Part 2]

This tutorial instructs fixing ways of Football Manager 2017 game startup or in-game, saved-game crashes. You can try several ways below or just update your graphics driver to look up if things going good. Also you can give it a try by updating your FM 2017 with hot-fix. Some of gameslopedy forum users reported that they got a lot of crashes during the game and here is how to fix them.

Please try several crash fixing steps below one by one :

  • Disable or remove your custom graphics, logos and skins from the game and try again.
  • If you use in-game editor please disable or remove it too.
  • Try to install public beta fix: 
  • Follow the instructions below to get access to this new beta fix version:
    - Go into Steam and go into your Steam Library
    - Right-Click on Football Manager 2017 game and select 'Properties'
    - Select the 'Beta' tab
    - From the 'Select the beta you should opt into' drop-down select 'public-beta'
    This will either cause the game to update immediately, or you will need to exit Steam and restart to get the beta update.
  • After the installation restart your computer and run steam with Admin privileges.
  • Reinstall your Direct X and configure it correctly for your own system.
  • Validate your Football Manager 2017 cache and file caches too.
  • Hope it works!
  • If not, please post your questions on our forums:

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