How to Fix Lagging on Might & Magic Heroes VII

Here’s another simple tutorial about fixing the game lags. It is very important to fix, because no one wants a system which runs games freezing.

We created lots of tutorial videos for fixing game bugs, freezing and lagging. So, detailed tutorial video courses are only open for our premium members.

For might and magic heroes 7, you can do several things;

  • Try turning down all your graphics. If that doesn’t work, make sure all your graphics drivers are updated. 
  • Switch off all background applications, particularly your anti-virus programs, then restart the game.

For AMD Processors;


Open the Catalyst Control Center
Go to the Dynamic Switchable Graphics Tab
Set the game to run on High Performance

For Geforce Processors;

Go to your graphics card Control Panel and add Might & Magic Heroes VII Game by browsing your Program Files/Steam folder and find the exe file then add it into NVIDIA panel.

Now you can choose your High Performance NVIDIA Processor and also you can change the Power Management setting to; ” Maximum Performance”

You can also watch our detailed tutorial video, it’s for only our premium members;


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