How to Fix NBA 2K16 Game Crash and Lagging

Here is the fixing tutorial for NBA 2K16 Game crash to desktop and lagging problems on most Geforce processor computers.

This game comes with several conflicts and it must be fix in the future release with update or bug fix add-ons. But we can't wait for this and we have to take some precautions.

You can also download and use nvidiaInspector tool for doing below settings by simply creating new profile on that tool and adding NBA2K16.exe file into that and changing the settings.

Alternatively you can use NVIDIA Control Panel. For AMD graphic processors there are some tools also.

For crashing of this game you can do reinstalling Visual C++ components.Then this will fix the crash to desktop errors.

Change Some Settings In NVIDIA Control Panel

In Nvidia Control Panel (You can access it by simply right clicking on your desktop; Choose NBA 2K16 game from the list and specify these options;


set vsync on/off here based on your need,

then Max Prerender Frame set to 1 ,

power management type to "max performance"

---> click apply setting at the bottom right hand corner, done and run the game!

Change in-game Settings

Change some graphical settings by in-game option

--->disable supersamling

---> disable vsync

---->buffer count=1 (other option base on your desire)


You can see detailed instructions on our video tutorial. This tutorial can be seen only by our premium members:


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